Extra Length, 1.5", Series "A" is in stock.

Why carry around useless parts on your bike that don't work? Replace those original or short reproduction Propstands with ones that will.

All of my parts interchange and fit with original parts.

Vincent Prop Stand Legs and Bracket are made of 4140 chromoly steel castings and are heat treated to Rockwell 40C

Vincent Propstand Legs that will hold your bike at the proper lean angle. Use reproduction, stainless, FT122 Pivot (Bolts 7/16" shaft with 3/8" BSF threads). These 2 piece prop stand legs are made about 1" to 2" longer than stock. "C" Footpads are supplied with each leg. Cut leg to length to achieve proper lean angle and braze on foot pad to compensate for the various wheel and tire sizes. Shadow in photos has Avon tires: 3.00-21" front and 4.10-19" rear. Legs are tough and 'Springy' just like the forged originals. Original Brackets tend to split at the pivot bolt holes, not mine, they won't break.

Vincent Prop Stand Left Legs: Original, British Reproduction, my Reproduction with 3 1/2"extra length

Series 'C' Prop Stand Leg Assembly. Prop Stand Leg Assembly with 'C' feet.

Leg must be cut to length and foot brazed on.

F24/2LC - Vincent Prop Stand Left Leg Series 'C' - $150. 1" to 2" longer than stock.

Series 'C' Prop Stand Leg, left. Leg must be cut to length and foot brazed on.

This stand will fit to original FT118 Brackets.

All parts made of 4140 chromoly steel. Legs and Bracket are heat treated to Rockwell 40C.

FT118 - Vincent Prop Stand Bracket Series 'B' and 'C' - $200

This Bracket will fit to original Prop Stands.

Heat Treated to prevent the (usually) left leg mount pivot hole from wallowing out and splitting. This is very common with originals. Difficult to repair where it will actually work.

Fitting extra length prop stands:

Silver brazing foot onto leg while leg is in extended position holding up the bike. Remove leg and finish brazing on the bench. It has been suggested that JB Weld would do just as good a job.

To obtain a better fit of retracted leg under bike, heat leg at bend and pull up, slightly. Right and Left legs.

Fitted Prop Stand Legs, right and left.