Vincent Tools, all original - $200

Vincent Tool Tray, original - $75

Individual tools: K5 3/16X1/4, K6 1/4X5/16, K7 5/16X3/8, K8 3/8X7/16, K extra 7/16X1/2, K11 Tommy Bar 3/8"X8", K12A Screwdriver Atkinson & Sons, K13 Tyre Lever Dunlop TL/13, K19 1/8W Carbon.

PR1A Tool Tray. Missing riveted on grab bracket.

PR17 AMAL DUAL CHOKE LEVER, original for Vincent twins - $350, one only

Works OK. Later B's and C's. AMAL clip is an original part.


I've successfully made Steering Column Assemblys with these castings.

annealed, 4140 chromoly steel. Undersized holes for FF33 steering column and FF29 fork spindle.


I've successfully made Steering Column Assemblys with these castings, tubes, and dowel pins.

FF2 annealed, 4140 chromoly steel casting.

FF33 Steering Column, threaded and slotted. 2 each, 7/16" dowel pins.

FT3 CYLINDER HEAD BRACKET, original part - $120

Series B for front and rear. Series C for rear.

I purchased this with the idea of reproducing. Didn't happen.


FT94 SEAT STAY CASTING, unfinished - $12 each

Lost Wax aluminum casting.

I was hoping to reproduce these. Didn't happen.

FT118R FRONT STAND BRACKET, modified angle, finish machined - $50

Makes bike lean properly using stock length Prop Stands. Not usable as a front center stand.

Requires slight modification of magneto cover and front engine plates. Most folks don't want to do that.

Heat treated 4140 chromoly steel to Rockwell 40C.

FT220R and FT220L FRICTION PLATES, right and left, reproduction parts - $50 set

Stainless steel. New. Came with a mostly original Brampton I purchased.

Original Friction plates were chrome plated steel. I make those.

G103 GEARBOX OIL CAP casting, unfinished - $6 each

Series B version. Lost wax aluminum casting.

G108/2 GEARCHANGE LEVER, reproduction part - $90 each

Extras laying around. These have never been broken or welded.

G110 GEARCHANGE LEVERS and JOINT KIT, original parts - $350

Series B to early Series C Twins. G78 and G110 linkage are original Vincent.

Exception: The G108 is not an original bronze casting but one of my heat treated steel castings.

T4/2 and F103 - Original Comet Inner Primary Chain Case with Pivot Bearting Spacer- $550 (my cost)

Parts in good usable condition. I purchased these original Vincent parts with an idea to make the F103, I didn't.

Current reproductions (Coventry Spares $832, VOC 626 pounds) have the F103 cast intergrally with the Chain Case. A weak rationalization.

Complete Brampton Forks, original - $4795, same price as my forks.

I had to replace the riser caps, fork links, and F55 with my chromoly steel parts. The supplied reproduction parts were awful.

The 4 swaged fork tubes were replaced by Ray Danials of the UK. Fork is straight. Choice of chromed steel knobs or polished aluminum.

161035 - SAINT CHRISTOPHER MEDAL for MOTORCYCLIST'S,1" diameter, nickle clip, sterling silver - $40

My handlebar mounted, sterling silver, Saint Christopher medal helps keep me safe. These medals were first introduced in the 1949 Atlas Motorcycle Accessories Catalog. Also, sold by Indian Dealers.