2601-25 Assembly - SET of Original 1928 JD FORKS COMPLETE - $3000, one only

This is the 1928 version, for a front brake, drum included, no brake plate. Front spring tubes need to be replaced, they all do, with new tubes included.

Original parts include straight rear fork leg, top triple tree, Rockers CC-3 & CC-4, Spring Fork Center Casting and Fender Mount, and Rocker Lugs.

Replacement wear parts include rebuild kits for Rockers, 2 new spring sets, Spring Fork Plunger & Stud, Spring guide rods, Head Cone Set, Triple Clamp bolts, and Spring Fork caps.

Front wheel. Has a good brake drum, no internal parts. Spokes and rim too rusted to be used. A good spoke size and lacing pattern, though.

Harley-Davidson, will fit 1925 to 1929 - 61" & 74" Twins.

2956-23 with 2960-23 Stud - Brake Pedal with Stud, my reproductions, new parts - $112, one set only

Includes 2956-23 Brake Pedal and 2960-23 Footbrake Lever Stud (included but not shown).

Heat treated 4140 Chromoly to Rockwell 40C.

Harley-Davidson, 1923 to 1929 - 61" & 74" Twins.

1229-27 - AIR INTAKE CAP - $65

Note that original Air Caps were always made of cast steel. NEVER aluminum, bronze or mystery metal.

Made from an NOS part. Nickle plated. Cast steel, open backed, 3 1/4" diameter. 1927-1931 Harley-Davidson Twins.

Made in the USA by me, like all my parts. I have the mold and pour the waxes. Cast at a Texas foundry. Machined in my shop. Nickel plated in Texas.

1238-24 - DL10 THROTTLE SHAFT LEVER - $46, nickel plated

Harley-Davidson, Linkert & Schebler, 1924 to 1933 - 61" & 74" Twins. 1930 to 1933 DLD & RLD, later 1933 to 1935 - 45" Twins.

2076-16 type 1 - STARTER CRANK - $160.

Straight, Big Twins, 1916-1929. With grease fitting.

Heat treated 4140 Chromoly to Rockwell 40C.

065 - SHIFT TOWER FRAME BRACKET CAP BOLT, $6.00 each, 2 used

Special bolt with a 3/8" hex head. 5/16" x 24 tpi bolts with 1/2" or 7/16" hex heads (later versions of the 065 bolt) will not fit. Exclusive to me. Heat treated 4140 Chromoly to Rockwell 40C. 1915-1929, Twins.

2410-14 - CLUTCH PEDAL HINGED TOE PIECE - $30 Parkerized

Parkerized. Each part is fitted to an original clutch pedal.

"IMPORTANT!" Heat Treated 4140 Chromoly to Rockwell 40C. 1914-1929 Big Twins.

2416-20 - FOOT LEVER FRICTION DISC - Nickel Plated Bronze - $45

Big Twins, 1921-1935.

2606-09 - J ROCKER LUG - $50

Raised "AC-13" characters, Big Twins, 1909-1928.

2653-29 EARS - FRONT FORK TRIPLE CLAMP EARS- 1929 - $40 per set

If you have an original 1929 Triple Tree with broken headlight ears, this is for you. Ears are easily welded to the original tree using 7018 or stainless rod after pre-heating the parts.

1929 - 74" Twins.


1925-1929 61" and 74" Twins.

Tab is Carbonitride to a depth of 0.030" to 0.060" and Heat treated A1011 to RH 30-35.

2960-23 - FOOTBRAKE LEVER STUD - $10

7/16"-18 Threads for 0130 nut, not included.

Heat treated 4140 Chromly to Rockwell 40C. Parkerized.

J & JD Harley-Davidson, 1923-1929

3101-25 SEAT BAR BRACKET - $45

Note NE-30 raised digits. These are a little short because of casting shrinkage. Make sure it sits at least 1/8" higher than the gas tanks. This allows the Seat T bolt to clear. Harley-Davidson, 1925-1936, 74" & 80" Twins.

3103-29 - UPPER SEAT BAR PLATE (6 hole shown, or 4 hole)- $18

3103-29S - LOWER SEAT BAR PLATE- $10

Spring steel plates for the rear cross bar, 0.125" thick. Black color results from the heat treating process. Easily removed by blasting. 1929-1964, Big Twins & 45".


1920-1922, J Twins. Use these longer ones for better brake arm leverage, 1915-1922.

Heat Treated 4140 Chromoly Steel to Rockwell 40C.


1923-1929, J & JD Big Twins.

Heat Treated 4140 Chromoly Steel to Rockwell 40C.

4521-26 - SWITCH KEY, BERYLLIUM-COPPER SPRING ALLOY, Cadmium Plated - $20/pair, price reduction, I made too many.

These are exclusive to me. No one else has ever made these since Harley stopped. Exact dimensions as OEM parts. Don't settle for poorly made steel reproductions. These are made from BERYLLIUM-COPPER SPRING ALLOY. Key Tang has same 0.040" bends as originals and the heat treating keeps it that way so the keys won't fall out when riding. Tie the keys together with a leather string, just the same.

1926-1936 All Models.

Vacuum Precipitation Hardened to Rockwell 40C.

4557-26 type 1 - INSTRUMENT SWITCH LEVER - $40 each.

Slot machined for original keys. Original keys are 0.042" x 0.332".

Knurled insert. Nickel plated. With stainless screw. 1926-1932.

Type 2 versions have no knurled insert, they are smooth on the lever sides. Type 2's used on VL's 1933-1936.

4859-29 - RIGHT HORN BRACKET- $55

4860-29 - LEFT HORN BRACKET- $55

Brackets will need to be fitted. 1929 61" & 74".

Harley Accessory Catalog drawing/photo

11331-X - Out of production, out of stock. Select spare parts shown.

No more cast Brackets or Jiffy Legs. Fits 1923 to 1929 - 61" & 74" Twins

Available (see part descriptions below): 13205X Leg Stop $15, 13203X Spring Collar $14, 13202X Spring $34, plus the nut.

13202X - SPRING - $34. Yes, I agree, insanely expensive for a spring.

1923-1929 61" & 74".

13203X - SPRING COLLAR- $14

1923-1929 61" & 74".

13205X - LEG STOP- $15

Heat treated to Rockwell 30C. 1923-1929 61" & 74".

11780-34 - DICE KEYS - $60 with longer leather and Handlebar Clip.

1926-1936 All Models except EL.

Red, Green, and White antique Bakelite Dice, Dice made in the 1940's and 1950's, with my exclusive heat treated berylillium-copper keys, braided leather strap that runs through a brass tube in each die, and crimped brass rings to tie each end. Each key is glued into a milled 0.400" wide slot. Only available with a 6 and a 5, as per the originals.

Dice Keys were originally introduced by Harley-Davidson in 1933. Above drawing is from the 1934 Accessory Catalog. There have been many manufacturers of Dice Keys thoughout the years but all (to my knowledge) have used modern plastic dice and poorly made steel keys.

314011M - Handlebar Clip - $10.

Use with above Dice Keys (1 already supplied), if you need an extra Clip. Unless keys are firmly inserted into the switch, they will vibrate out. Ever wonder why originals are so very rare? This clip will keep them from becoming lost on the roadside. Only one needed per set of Dice Keys.


Open backed, 2 3/4" X 4". All letters in relief. Offered by Linkert in the 1930's and 1940's. Made in the USA.

161035 - SAINT CHRISTOPHER MEDAL for MOTORCYCLIST'S,1" diameter, nickle clip, sterling silver - $40

My handlebar mounted, sterling silver, Saint Christopher medal helps keep me safe. These medals were first introduced in the 1949 Atlas Motorcycle Accessories Catalog, Detroit, MI.