1947 Indian Chief For Sale, #6, 3478802/CDG8306. w/NM title in my name.

A much more complete description available, if you really need it, as 12 email attachments. No big revelations, just more detail.

No junk or damaged parts unless specifically noted. All parts are good and usable, requiring normal restoration methods.

#6: 1947 Indian Chief, 1947 frame and motor, 3478802 / CDG8306.

80 Cubic inch motor, Bonneville cams and followers. Correct 80" heads.



3. 1947 Chief Powerplant, 80 cubic inches.

Powerplant requires a standard rebuild. Does not run.

Original 80" flywheels, rods, and good 80" heads. Recommend T&O 80" flywheels.

Original Black Widow cams and gears, almost new. Original Bonneville cam followers, good rollers. Mosher ground ramps.

Original cast iron oil pump, complete, 1947 only.

Original M344 Linkert Carburetor (only needs a float), new fuel filter assy., new Indian Script Airhorn.

Original Auto-Lite distributor. Complete and rebuilt by me.

Original Kicker Gear, 32 tooth for distributor ignition.

Original transmission in good shape, new bearings and good bushings. Need to replace slider and cluster gears.

Original clutch plates and springs, good. I like Greer replacements. Needs primary chain.