1946 Indian Chief For Sale, #7, 3464044/CDG7668. $13,500 with NM title in my name. Add $2500 for Corbin speedometer and Motolamp headlight.

No junk or damaged parts unless specifically noted. All parts are good and usable, requiring normal restoration methods.

The bike is NOT "matching numbers" by AMCA standards: Motor and frame are different years. A set of 1946 cases is included if you want "matching numbers".

Bike would make a nice custom or a stock Chief. I ran the dual exhaust for awhile. Adding a 12 volt system with electronic ignition is recommended.

#7: 1946 Indian Chief, 1946 frame with a 1947 motor, 3464044 / CDG7668.

80 Cubic inch motor, Bonneville cams and followers. Correct 80" heads. 12 tooth, long, 80" kicker.

Set of later 1946 cases are included, CDF5203.

ORIGINAL: Linkert M-344 carb, 1940-48 air cleaner (need rechrome), Autolite distributor rebuilt, Autolite generator (need rebuild), hand brake lever, 1946-47 Corbin speedo, rear speedo drive, ignition switch, ampmeter (need rebuild), NOS Motolamp headlight, rear fender, gas tanks, and tool box (no lid).

1. Original 1946 Frame, 3464044.

Frame has all tabs and brackets. Rear motor mount needs to be tweaked to fit bolt. Kickstarter gear mesh adjusted at this time. All other parts fit.

Complete set rear shocks. OEM used chrome covers. Good springs and bushings. Taken apart and properly assembled by me.

OEM top shock mounting bolts. New headstock bearings.

OEM seat post assembly. OEM solo seat with torn leather cover. OEM cast steel seat T, right loop needs repair.

Aluminum footboards and OEM mounting cleats.

OEM battery tray assembly.

Jiffy Stand assembly, 4140 chromoly steel. Has a mounted JMB Center Stand, 4140 steel, and flat spring.


OEM 1946 Gas Tanks are solid and rust free. All 4 oil tank fittings, two new petcocks. OEM 1942-46 Indian head tank emblems, very rare, are properly mounted. Stainless steel gas and oil caps.

OEM rear fender with complete tail light assembly. 1930's glass lens.

Reproduction front fender from India. The fender is shaped properly, straight, and mounts nicely. Not a smooth surface finish. Front fender light assembly.

New Starklite chain guard. these are nice.

OEM generator belt guard. Needs forward 4 inches of sheetmetal replaced. Not that bad of a job.

OEM tool box missing door and lock. An easy fabrication for a sheetmetal shop.

OEM wheels with good, complete hubs. Wheels were sandblasted and painted silver.

OEM complete brake drums, brake shoes, brake backing plates, brake cam levers, front hollow axle, rear chain adjustor, and wheel spacer.

OEM and new 12 lug nuts, new Greer front axle, and JMB rear axle.

Brake and clutch pedals are correct for 1946. JMB control rods are stainless. OEM brake cam levers w/correct bolts. JMB rear brake bellcrank, 4140 steel. OEM front brake lever with JMB heavy brake cable. 3 forged rod clevises. Front and rear brakes work.

No rear sprocket. Transmission sprocket new but undersized, 21 tooth.

OEM seat post assembly. OEM solo seat with torn leather cover. OEM cast steel seat T, right loop needs repair.


New, Greer, left hand shifter, painted. Stainless control rod and correct OEM bellcranks. Has JMB Indian Headdress shift knob.

OEM internal control handlebars in need of rechroming. Includes throttle and spark controls with grips. Both switches are new, in parts box. OEM right hand brake lever, with heavy brake cable, operates the front brake that works.


Handlebar switches (2), no wire harness, rebuilt OEM autolight distributor, no coil, no horn, no plug wires, no brake light switch, OEM Autolite generator, complete in need of restortion, OEM NOS Motolamp headlight, complete front fender and tail lights that work.

Aluminum 3 hole dash panel, 1938-47. OEM ignition switch with keys, JMB restored. OEM 1947 ammeter with replacement face, needs restoration.

OEM Corbin Speedometer, 1946-47, rebuilt. OEM speedo face, mileage not accurate to the bike. No speedo cable, working Corbin rear speedo drive.


Forks modified to 1948 specs. New bushings, fork shafts, & grease fittings. Shafts fitted to bushings with a long, Sunnen hone (gold standard). Cadmium plated small parts, new springs, Auto-equpi co. period, replacement shock. JMB Indian Steering Damper Knob, cadmium plated. New rubber bushings in OEM risers. Correct riser bolts (4).

OEM NOS Motolamp Headlight shell, original OD green. No dents. NOS Bakelite Junction Block Assy. OEM chromed bezel, OEM Motolamp Lens, new Reflector. New 6 volt bulb with a good plug assembly. Add 6 volts and it will light up. Complete tail light assy., reproduction front fender light with OEM base, OEM speedo light.


Almost all hardware is cadmium plated like OEM, and is new or in very good condition.

Good outer and inner primary cases. All parts in primary cases are good OEM. New generator drive pully with new bushings. Original clutch plates and springs, good. I like Greer replacements. No primary chain.

Original M344 Linkert Carburetor (only needs a float), new JMB Fuel Filter Assy. with OEM Filter Stack, OEM 1941-1948 Air Cleaner, cover needs restoration. 1947 Cast Iron type OEM Intake Manifold with OEM Manifold Nuts. New petcocks and no fuel line.


Powerplant requires a standard rebuild. Does not run.

OEM 80" flywheels, rods, and good 80" heads. Recommend T&O 80" flywheels. OEM cylinders with good fins.

OEM Bonneville cams and gears, good. 1947 front cam shaft separate. OEM Bonneville cam followers, good rollers. Mosher ground ramps.

OEM cast iron oil pump, complete, 1947 only. Needs to be properly fitted and tested.

OEM transmission in good shape, complete, new bearings and good bushings. Need to replace slider and cluster gears.

JMB 12 tooth, 1952-53, 80" kicker, cadmium. OEM Kicker Gear, 32 tooth for distributor ignition.

OEM complete Autolite generator. 6 volt high output. Motors but not rebuilt. New bearings, good field coils and brushes with rebuilt GAS2076 armature.

Original Auto-Lite distributor. Complete and rebuilt by me.

8. PARTS in a BOX.

Steel battery frog, good Bonneville cam set with shafts, good Bonneville cam folowers, pinion gear, 2 each push rod guides, set of 4 push rods, 2 each valve covers, set of 4 valve spring retainers, New dimmer switch and horn button assemblies.


If you want a 1946 motor in your 1946 frame, this is it. These parts come with the bike.

Later 1946 left case and a 1946 right case with cast iron sump. Not a factory matched set. Can be matched (cylinder base decking to 42 degrees) during the normal rebuild.