SIDECAR STUDY- $13 post paid in USA

All of the information, published by the factory, I can find pertaining to Indian Sidecars, 1940-1953. The expections are the pages in the common 1944-48 Parts Book. Included are photos that I took of the frame connections and a photo comparison of 1940 and 1947 sidecars, along with other related items. 25 pages of information you have not seen before. Perfect for restorations or as a guide when purchasing a 1940-1953 Indian Sidecar.

160001L - SPARE TIRE MOUNT ASSEMBLY, for 1946-1953 Wheels, only the Inside Support Bracket and Early Washerts are available.

43581 - Inside Support Bracket - $75.

927024L - Bearing Protective Washer - $15.

102219 - SIDECAR SEAT BACK LOCK KEY, bronze - $15

102218 - SIDECAR SEAT BACK LOCK - Get from Restoration Supply Company, part # FAS038

Chief and FOUR, 1940-1953.

36B225 - BRAKE CAM LEVER - $25

Can be shortened to make 23B104 Brake Cam Lever, 1940-1953. All models, 1940-1942.