Coming VincentParts

All Steel parts are 4140 Chromoly. All of my parts interchange and fit with original parts. Parts with prices are in production and most likely in stock. "Coming" parts photos are of original parts that will be used as patterns.


Heat Treated 4140 to Rockwell 40C.

FT210SA - HEAD CLIP, Series A Brampton Forks - coming back into stock.

Use with 2 each FF31AS Risers and FF31A Riser Caps. For 1" handlebars. 1 drilled grease fitting bosse. Fitted hard bronze bushings.

4140 chromoly steel, heat treated to Rockwell 40C. Not sand cast mild steel.

THIS KICKSTART WAS NEVER MADE BY VINCENT. It's a modification of a Burman swivel Kickstart Crank that uses the Twin Footpiece.

I offer 3 versions of the SAME Kickstart Crank:

PR50B/1assy - Comet Folding Kickstart Crank Assembly- $397.40 with chromed Kicker Crank and all of the attaching parts. In stock.

The complete assembly: with chromed Kickstart Crank. F72/6 cadmium plated Footpiece, FT84 bolt, FT99 spring, #92 washer, #662 screw, PR3 rubber, FT202 plug, and 796 washer.

PR50B/1 - Comet Folding Kickstart Crank- $355 chromed with F72/6 cadmium plated Footpiece. In stock.

PR50B/1 - Comet Folding Kickstart Crank- $305 cadmium plated finish with cadmium plated F72/6 Footpiece. In stock.

Not an exact copy of the Burman swivel type Kickstart Crank but modified to use a cadmium plated F72/6 Twin Footpiece.

Much more substantial and will not fail. 4140 chromoly steel, heat treated to Rockwell 40C.

FT208AS - BRAMPTON FORK GIRDER - Sold with complete fork assemblies. In stock.

Reproduction part shown. The OEM Girder is 8 1/2#'s, mine is 10 3/4#'s. Lost Wax, 4140 Chromoly steel castings give great detail and strength and weigh more than sand castings. My swaged tubes are thicker walled. All joints are silver soldered.

Front of top casting has number 373+. Back of middle casting has number 378+. The inside of each axle plate are marked LH and RH with MB+ foundry mark, as per OEM parts.

My 3/4"OD front tubes have a 0.087" wall swaged to 0.098". OEM front tubes are 0.062 wall swaged to 0.090".

My 7/8"OD rear tubes have a 0.125" wall swaged to 0.172". OEM rear tubes are 0.062" wall swaged to 0.092".

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